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City of Calgary

Calgary is a predominantly English speaking cosmopolitan city of about 1 million inhabitants. It has a variety of options to serve a gluten free diet. According to Gluten Free Calgary 51% Cafes, 35% Bars, and 70% of restaurants have gluten free options.

Gluten Free Support Groups

Calgary’s gluten free community is vibrant. A large Facebook group Calgary Celiac Community provides helpful information to locals and travelers about gluten free options.

Gluten Free Calgary maintains a detailed listing of Calgary establishments that provide (gluten free dining, bakery options, natural grocers).

The Calgary Celiac Association also has a list of Gluten free shopping and dining places in Calgary and the surrounding areas.


Popular restaurants for those on a gluten free diet include:

  • Heavens Artisan GF Cuisine (403-249-3037, 1013 17 Ave SW #119) is an 100% gluten free restaurant that serves Venezuelan fare, including arepas & empanadas.
  • The Village Flatbread Co. (403-888-1200, 2511 17 Ave SW) is a local, natural and organic restaurant that specializes in GF pizza.
  • Craft Beer Market (403-514-2337, 345 10 Ave SW) provides several gluten free options including salads, sandwiches & burgers, pastas and flatbreads along with five GF beer options including one on tap.
  • CHARCUT Roast House (403-984-2180, 899 Centre St S) offers a rotating menu and also provides an efficient lunch service designed to fit into a lunch hour.
  • NotaBLE (403-288-4372, 4611 Bowness Road NW) is an upscale bar/eatery with creative, locally sourced Canadian dishes with it's own gluten free aware menu.
  • Dairy Lane Cafe (403-283-2497, 319 19 St NW) is a modern, intimate cafe offering farm-to-table Canadian food such as burgers & brunch items.
  • The Coup (403-541-1041, 924 17 Ave SW) is a modern vegetarian restaurant with fresh, whole, organic, local foods and beverages and provides a number of gluten free options.

Upscale areas such as Kensington, 17th Avenue, and Marda Loop are more likely to provide gluten free options.


The Market on Macleod (587-583-8050, 7711 Macleod Trail SE) is a farmer’s market running Thursday to Sunday, with a number of vendors who specialize in or provide gluten free food.


Gluten free bakeries in Calgary include:

  • Care Bakery (403-801-7535, Bay 1, R 7635 44 Street SE) is a wholesale GF bakery
  • Lakeview on 90th Bakery (403-457-3555, #131 2515 90 Ave SW (Oakbay Plaza)) is a dedicated gluten-free facility making a variety of desserts and fresh breads. This bakery also distributes its gluten free products through a second location at 6449 Crowchild Trail SW (403-246-6127).
  • Cookie Mama (403-266-5431, 1508 14 St SW) is a specialized bakery for custom allergen free products including gluten free, dairy free, and vegan.
  • Earth’s Ovens (403-686-4810, 417 53 Ave SE #4) makes gluten free breads, muffins, treats, and frozen meals.
  • Amandine Bakery (403-276-3532, 2610 Centre St N) offer a wide array of catering and baking services, including gluten free cakes.

Mainstream Groceries

Most mainstream grocery stores in Calgary are large and dedicated specialty / gluten free food areas. These include the following chains:

  • Superstore has a large variety of groceries and provides a number of ethnic options. Gluten free groceries are scattered throughout the store and stores often have a gluten free section within the natural and organic foods section.
  • Safeway has gluten free products scattered throughout its store often with an area dedicated to gluten free food. Safeway sells Kinnikinnick (an alberta company) products in most stores.
  • Co-op has gluten free products scattered throughout its store often with an area dedicated to gluten free food.
  • Sobeys has gluten free products scattered throughout its store often with an area dedicated to gluten free food.

Specialty Groceries

Local and boutique grocers catering to gluten free needs include:

  • Sunnyside Natural Market (403-270-7477, 10–338 10 Street NW) is a locally owned and family operated natural market with numerous gluten free products.
  • Sunterra Market has locations throughout Calgary that provide gluten free options.
  • Planet Organic has a number of locations in Calgary and provides a number of gluten free and organic options.
  • Community Natural Foods is a natural and organic shop (with 3 locations in Calgary) with products from dairy, deli fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, gluten free, supplements, body and home care products.
  • M&M Meat Shops has numerous locations throughout Canada with quality prepared meals and online grocery shopping. M&M has gluten free frozen meats, side dishes, single serve meals, and desserts.
  • Blush Lane Organic Produce is an organic and natural market with 4 locations in Calgary featuring gluten free, vegetarian, raw and vegan, with produce from local growers.
  • Bowness Health Foods (403-286-2224, 6435 Bowness Rd NW) offers products that are wheat and gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, as well as organic and non-gmo.
  • Amaranth Whole Foods Market (403-547-6333, 7 Arbour Lake Dr NW) is a local health foods store with gluten free products.

Gluten Free Friendly Events

Calgary is hosting a Gluten Free Expo on October 20-21, 2018.

Additional Resources

  1. The Calgary Celiac Association
  2. Gluten Free Calgary
  3. Calgary Celiac Community