Creating a new gfreewiki Subpage

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Creating a New Subpage

Want to create a new gfreewiki subpage for the place you live or somewhere you have visited to help others on a GF diet?!

How to

  • Create a login
  • In the main page edit tab add the name of the subpage you would like to add in the in the GfreeWiki subpages section.
  • The format is as follows: *[[New page name]]

Location Template

Below is a suggested template. Please provide the following information:

  • Brief description of city, province, or country
    • Location size, language, and GF awareness
  • Gluten free support groups
    • Groups that may already have information about GF in that location
  • Dining
    • Dedicated or popular GF restaurants
  • Markets / local food stands
  • Bakeries
    • Dedicated or GF aware bakeries
  • Mainstream Groceries / corner stores
    • Large and frequent stores that have GF products available
  • Specialty Groceries
    • Local or boutique grocers catering to gluten free
  • Gluten free events

Simple Formatting Code

  • Formatting that has previous been used in gfwiki includes:
    • To create headings use the follow code ==Heading 1==
    • To create bullets use *
    • For external links *<span class="plainlinks">[ Website name]</span>
  • For more detailed formatting guidelines please visit